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Naruto Byond games can use/rent this site for usements
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PostSubject: |-|Updates|-|   |-|Updates|-| Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 4:41 am

Star Village added.
New Jutsu added.
Sound Org. member get Snake Summon scrolls and one Sound Jutsu.
Sevenswordsman added.
For Nibi icon thanks to Moe.
You get auto the jutsu when you have the requiment.
Akatsuki suit fixed.
Seven Swordsman member's get jutsus.
Dark and Moon village added.
Kage bug fixed.
Moon Village 100%
Dark Village 100%
Orochimaru Non-clan 20%
Kisame Non-clan 100%
Uchiha Police 100%
Reward and Village Announce verbs for kage's.
New Kyuubi and CS icon and Kyuubi and CS jutsu.
Yondaime non-clan 100%
Konan(Paper) non-clan 100%
Guild verbs 100%
Death Org. added!
Deidara Non-Clan 100%(Thanks Katsurou)
Forum fixed.Thanks to Cardoze.
Special Log event.Every village will have 2 special log in academy.
Hatake clan added.
New Akatuski jutsu.
New verbs for orgs.
Special logs added.
Becoming Missing with Log train . Fixed.
Ichigo non-clan 100%
Dragon Society added.
Subclan system 30%.
Hebi added.
Suicide Bombers Org. added.
Jail unjail verbs added.
New hair type added.
Ichigo clan deleted.If you was in Ichigo clan you have to recreate!
Sun village 75%.
Karamatsu No Mai icon added.
Lion's Barrage added for Uchihas.
Jounin exam added.
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